Lanyards Styles & Types

Bespoke Lanyard, Plain Lanyard & Pre-printed Lanyard


Custom Lanyard

Bespoke or custom printed lanyards are a lanyard which has been created specifically for a client featuring their chosen logo or design and perhaps also colour matched to a corporate colour scheme.

A brief overview of custom lanyards types is provided below giving information on minimum order quantites, turnaround times and the best type of lanyard for different sorts of custom designs.


Plain Lanyard

Plain lanyards are simple unprinted, non-customised neck strap. These are sold in packs of ten lanyards with a minimum order of one pack (ten lanyards).

Our plain coloured lanyards come in a huge range of colours and styles and are all in stock for same day dispatch.


Pre-printed Lanyard

Pre-printed lanyards are off the shelf lanyards which have been ready printed with a range of the most popular phrases such as Staff, Visitor, First Aid etc.

Our range of pre-printed lanyards come in a wide range of colours, styles and text combinations.

Like our plain lanyards T these are sold in packs of ten lanyards with a minimum order of one pack (ten lanyards) and are available for same day dispatch.

Bootlace Lanyard, Flat Ribbed Lanyard & Flat Smooth Lanyard


Bootlace Lanyard Style

Bootlace style lanyards are made from high quality polyester which is shaped much like a shoe or bootlace or paracord.

Bootlace lanyards are best suited to screenprinting block text designs or simple logos.


Flat Ribbed Lanyard Style

Flat ribbed lanyards are produced from polyester which is flat with a slight ridge or ribbed effect along the lenght of the lanyard

Flat ribbed lanyards are best screenprinted with text or logo designs in up to four colours.


Flat Smooth Lanyard Style

Flat smooth lanyards are similar to our flat ribbed style but the finish on the lanyard fabric is smooth rather than ribbed.

Full colour lanyards feature this lanyard finish and are prefect for complex designs or photo quality printing.

Custom Lanyard Manufacturing Processes


Full Colour Lanyard

Full colour lanyards or dye sublimiation lanyards offer photographic quality printing in any number of colours, allowing us to easily customise your lanyard to your company colours

Complex designs, designs with shadows or colour gradients are best produced using this lanyard printing process.


Screen Printed Lanyard

Screen printed lanyards can be custom printed in up to four colours

This process works best for logos or designs that dont have lots of colour or any shading or gradients and is perfect for text


Woven Lanyard

Woven lanyards are great for use in industrial or outdoor settings where an extremly robust lanyard is required.

Woven lanyards look best with block text or very simply logos or wordmarks and can be woven in up to two colours.


Satin Woven Lanyard

Satin woven lanyards are much like our standard woven lanyard but using a much finer weave which allows for more intricate details to be woven into your lanyard.

Your design or logo can be woven in up to five colours.


Satin Appliqué Lanyard

Our top of the range lanyard, your design is woven onto luxury satin ribbon and then stiched onto a polyester lanyard backing

The result is a lanyard with a truely luxury look and feel which makes it perfect for the luxury goods sector, for sporting events or for VIP lanyards.


School Tie Lanyard

School Lanyards UK are delighted to offer our popular school tie lanyard.

A full colour lanyard, this mirrors the design of your school tie for a great coordinated look.